Electronic gadgets everywhere
This is quite common to ascertain people in it

Be careful if your children do


Restaurant boss stops cafes and more With one in their hands these devices

Partially generated dependence The effects inside the elderly are like this

Children of the house aren’t suggested Take full advantage of it though

It becomes so common that it’s important to
Children don’t have much use
All of them up to 12 years old

That is why we’ll all say what they’re
The reasons why you actually don’t

Let them use it if you’ve got children under
Age 12 here to allow you to know Reasons for single obesity are common at

Children use these devices Quiet and doesn’t lead any kind

The practice of being unstable together of The main causes of childhood obesity

It is important that if you let your child use it
These are the tools that you simply should set
Schedule and also encourage them to play
Sport lack of sleep

3 produces Addiction are often very noticeable This type of device addiction

It results in a clear increase Isolation that separates parents from Their children have mental disorders
Inappropriate use of technology also
It causes a rise in various sorts of
Psychological disorders, infant depression
Autism also included anxiety
Psychosis and manic depression that leads
For a really social

5 annoying child Characterized by the isolation of this effect

Because of lack of contact with people in Our environment is sort of a workplace family

Various social activities

6 Inappropriate content is out there Everyone is true while technology
Puts valuable information in our hands With just a couple of clicks So children and youth without adults
Supervising access to pornography Excessive content et al.

Information which will not be
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Be careful if your children do this!


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