You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peels After Watching This!

human beings taken billions of bananas
each year making this strange yellow
fruit among the most popular foods on
the planet
however those billions of bananas we
consume result in billions of banana
peels which are typically gotten rid of

You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peels After Watching This!

did you know that banana peels make one
of the very best fertilizers out there I

did until I started researching it turns out banana peels are a rich source ofnutrients your plants yearn for potassium phosphorus and calcium along with a host of other minerals your

plants need here are five ways to

You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peels After Watching This!

-recycle your banana peels and never

-throw them away one brew some compost

-tea if you don’t have a compost pile you

-can still use banana peels to feed your garden simply drop a few peels into a

-bucket full of water and let it sit for
a couple of days to make compost tea mix

one part banana peel compost tea with five parts fresh water and feed this

mineral-rich mixture to your plants about once per week in lieu of your

normal watering the added potassium and phosphorus will give your plants a boost
to keep them growing strong to livestock

feed people are not the only ones who
enjoy bananas livestock like chickens
rabbits will enjoy ground-up dried
banana peels contributed to their feet
just make certain to clean the peels of
any wax or pesticides prior to drying
and providing them to animals or
dried peel fertilizer you
can dry your banana peels and grind them
into a fertilizer if you only have a few
peels to use up but want to use them
effectively on many plants this is a
great option add to your garden soil
directly either by sprinkling as a side
dressing or gently incorporating into
the dirt for compost probably the most
popular and easiest use for banana peels
us to mix them into the compost pile
peels add potassium and phosphorous to
compost which promote root development
and overall plant health when
incorporated into garden soil

create a banana peel spray this spray is a

fertilizer that also uses eggshells for
a calcium boost and Epsom salt for
magnesium to create the fertilizer spray
you’ll need banana peels eggshells Epsom
salt and water dry the banana peels an
then once they’re dry grind them
together include the peels and shells to
a spray bottle in addition to the Epsom
salt and fill the sprayer to the top
spray on your plants as needed


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